Inspired by the movie, “Only the Strong” when he was just a child, Shem Caimãn Rajoon experimented with the Afro-Brazilian art-form of capoeira for the first time in the front yard of his home. Rajoon was introduced to Parkour in 2004, and was initially drawn to the way practitioners interacted with their environment. From there he became a teacher, initiating Parkour programs at fitness venues such as Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Field House, and eventually co-founded a premiere Parkour facility, with Luciano Acuna Jr., in Brooklyn, NY.

From there, Rajoon has gone on to help inspire, empower, and educate people in the practice of capoeira; first as a student with the group Capoeira Angola Quintal, graduating at the Professor level, and then founding his own group Ilê De Palmares in 2014 along with Contra Mestre Omi Hill. Known in capoeira circles as Professor Caimãn, his reputation precedes him as a skilled and dedicated martial artist, graceful in his athleticism and acrobatics as well as the singing and musical instrumentation of the multi-layered art-form. Rajoon has traveled across the country and internationally, performing and teaching capoeira workshops to adults and children.

Years of


Profesor Caimãn has over 15 years of experience empowering both youth and adults through Capoeira.