Jon Michael “Malandro” Leccia started his capoeira training at age 14 while attending Satellite Academy High School in New York City. He joined Capoeira Angola Quintal and trained under Mestre Ombrinho, with Contra Mestre Omi. Malandro’s insatiable interest in all elements of capoeira – from movement to music – made him a quick learner, worthy opponent, and eventual teacher himself.

Malandro is a persistent and encouraging teacher, always willing to lend a helping hand and offer a friendly smile. He has traveled to train capoeira in Bahia, Brazil twice so far. He teaches capoeira to middle school students across New York City. As a member of ilê de palmares, Malandro graduated to the Instructor level in 2015 and currently teaches classes regularly in both movement and music.

Years of


Inst. Malandro has over 10 years of experience empowering both youth and adults through Capoeira.